All of the online learning tools and apps on this page offer FREE education.  They are listed here by course curriculum.

Learn English – Reading/Writing/Spelling

English Language for Anyone

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Computer Science – STEM

Khan Academy

Computer Coding

Codecademy  •  freeCodeCamp  •  Coursera  •  edX  •  Codewars  •  GA Dash  •  Khan Academy  •  MIT OpenCourseware  •  The Odin Project  •  Udacity  •  SoloLearn  •  The Code Player  •  •  Udemy  •  •  •  •  W3Schools  •  Coderbyte  •  Microsoft Learn  •  Edabit  •  LaunchSchool Open Book Shelf  •

Learn Other Languages


General Learning

TED-Ed  •  Class Central

University Courses

Open Culture  •  Class Central Ivy League Courses


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