This FREE course, called English Language for Anyone, is designed for absolutely anyone at any level to grow their English language vocabulary.  It doesn’t matter if the student has no English at all…. or if the student is a well-educated native English speaker.  It also doesn’t matter what the student’s first language is…. or even if they are totally illiterate.  This course will work for anyone.


This tool can even help native-English-speaking adults and children perfect their spelling…  as well as totally illiterate children and adults.  This tool works for everyone.  In the case of someone who has little or no English, it might need to be “set up” for them by someone who can at least read these instructions.  But once it is set up for them, anyone — even the illiterate — can learn English with it.  Especially later, as the learner gets more advanced, he will encounter more words that he doesn’t know the meaning of.  It will be important for him to ask an English speaker what the word means, or be able to use Google Translate to check the meaning of every word he doesn’t know the meaning of.

Here are the simple instructions:

You don’t need to install any app.  You can use this on any device — any computer, laptop, tablet, or phone — in any web browser.

Step 1

Open this page:

Where is says, SORT, choose ALPHABETICAL.  This will list the Levels in the proper order.

Step 2

Pick a Level — Start at Level 1

Click on the level you want to work on…  (Click on “English Level 1”)

Step 3

Next, click on the fourth study tool on the list.  Click the button called, “Spell”.  Under “Study”, only select “Spell”.

You will be presented with your first word.  Click on the speaker icon to hear the voice pronounce the word correctly.

Notice that under the answer line, the word is used in a sentence.  Where this word should appear in the sentence, you will see an underline.  This is intended to give you a sense of the meaning of the word, and the proper spelling of words that sound the same but are spelled differently  ( i.e. to, two, too ).

You can click the speaker icon to hear the word pronounced aloud again, as many times as needed.

You (the student) should take only about 6 seconds per word to type in the word.  If the student doesn’t know how to spell the word, he or she should just guess…. or type in anything, and press Enter… within 6 seconds.  You will then be given the correct spelling and asked to type it again, correctly this time.

This will repeat again and again until the student types the word correctly.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.  Try to enter something within 6 seconds every time.

The faster the student makes mistakes, the faster the student will learn.

Step 4

Continue studying with one Level until you complete the “Spell” course with a final message of, “100 Mastered out of 100”.

Once you get 100 out of 100 mastered…. three times in a row…  Proceed to the next Level and do “Spell” again… on that new level.

Start again at Step 1 above, but this time select Level 2…

Step 5

Repeat, and repeat, and repeat…

In our home Learning Center, we do this “Spell” course for about 3 hours.  We take a one hour break.  Then we do it again for another 3 hours… every day.

Continue doing this until you have mastered all the levels — Levels 1 to 100.

Once you have mastered all of the levels, up to and including Level 100, you will have mastered a 10,000 Word English Vocabulary — reading, writing, pronunciation, and spelling.

You should now be able to read anything!

Note that if you use this on a phone, you may need to turn off the feature called, “Predictive Text”.  Otherwise, your phone’s keyboard will tell you the correct spelling.  No cheating!

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English Language for Anyone

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