Hi, my name is Bruce Wagner.  This website came out of a need to create an online learning tool for my nephews.  They came from one of the mountain villages of Shan State, which is in Northern Myanmar (formerly Burma).  When I first met them, they couldn’t speak or understand one word of English.  They definitely couldn’t read or write at all, in any language.  I searched the web looking for tools or apps that I could use to teach them English… reading, writing, pronunciation, and spelling.  It look quite a long time, but I finally found a nearly perfect tool.  I modified the way it was designed to work just slightly, and we have been using it ever since.  They work on it about 6 hours a day, and their vocabulary and reading ability has improved exponentially.

Because this tool is so easy to use, it’s on the web, and it’s totally free…  I thought it a shame not to share it with the world.  So I created this web page just to make a place to list the simple instructions… and a link to the tool.  While I am creating a web site anyway, I figured…  Why not make a resource that lists the best tools out there… while I’m at it.  So, here I am compiling the very best-of-the-best of free online learning tools, courses, and apps.   

Here is Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy, who explains much better than I could, the philosophy of computer-assisted online learning…


“I come from a poor family. At home it’s one room, just a room we live in. When I was a child, I used to fear mathematics. But now, I am in love with mathematics because of Khan Academy.”

As Sal Khan says…  “My basic philosophy of teaching was straightforward and deeply personal. I wanted to teach the way I wished that I myself had been taught. Which is to say, I hoped to convey the sheer joy of learning, the thrill of understanding things about the universe. I wanted to pass along to students not only the logic but the beauty of math and science. Furthermore, I wanted to do this in a way that would be equally helpful to kids studying a subject for the first time and for adults who wanted to refresh their knowledge; for students grappling with homework and for older people hoping to keep their minds active and supple.”

Bill Gates and Elon Musk call Khan Academy, “the future of education”.

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