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  • the perfect way to introduce newbies to bitcoin
  • the easiest way to use bitcoin without a gadget
  • buy, sell, send, or receive bitcoin even when your battery dies or your app malfunctions for any reason
  • the easiest way to store bitcoins in physical form offline
  • available in convenient denominations of: 0.1 mBTC, 1 mBTC, 10 mBTC, 100 mBTC, 1000 mBTC ( 1 BTC ), and 10,000 mBTC ( 10 BTC )
  • also a blank, zero balance, "Ready to Load" any amount, version for receiving payments and/or loading with any custom amount
  • all denominations, and the "Ready to Load" type, come in two styles: "single use / disposable" ( which is sealed in plastic ) or "continuous use / durable" ( which is laminated )
  • perfect for tipping and gifts
  • the perfect way to buy, sell, or transact in bitcoin offline - with no phone and/or no battery and/or no internet
  • use even when on an airplane or in one of the most remote places on earth
  • also great as an educational tool to help teach and demonstrate how bitcoin works
  • they're even waterproof in case they ( or you ) fall into water

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Bitcoin?
  • What is the current value of Bitcoin?
  • How to Check or Verify the Balance
  • What do the Colors Mean
  • How to Send or Spend this Bitcoin
  • Where to Shop with Bitcoin
  • What Can I do with a BitcoinCard™
  • How to Accept Bitcoin in my Business
  • How to Accept Bitcoin Donations
  • How to Create an Online Wallet
  • How to Make Bitcoin more Anonymous
  • How to Create a Public Bitcoin Address
  • How/Where to Get More PaperBitcoin
  • Customer Service / Other Questions

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